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Volume 7(1)/2015

First pages. HVM Bioflux 2015;7(1):i-vi.

Ciurea C, Radoi M. Correlation of nocturnal blood pressure pattern with dysautonomia in hypertensive patients with orthostatic hypotension. HVM Bioflux 2015;7(1):1-5.

Greavu M, Anghel M, Vesa SC, Radoi M. Prognostic value of renal kidney disease on the mortality of patients with acute myocardial infarction. HVM Bioflux 2015;7(1):6-10.

Musetescu AE, Ciurea P, Rosu A. Immunological profile in patients with rheumatoid arthritis and biological therapy. HVM Bioflux 2015;7(1):11-16.

Dina L, Pacurariu A, Tantau M. Prevalence and risk factors for Barrett’s esophagus. Study in a hospital population in a tertiary care center. HVM Bioflux 2015;7(1):17-22.

Ungureanu L, Cosgarea R, Rogojan L, Senila SC. The diagnostic challenge of amelanotic melanoma – case reports and short review of the literature. HVM Bioflux 2015;7(1):23-26.

Yadegari M, Pirbalouti AG, Khamesipour F, Talebiyan R, Banitalebi E. Effects of the valerian root extract on cardiac echocardiography indexes in the female Cats. HVM Bioflux 2015;7(1):27-30.

Safri M, Lubis B, Munasir Z, Mulyadi, Mudatsir, Putra AR. Cow’s milk protein sensitization on the lymphocyte Th-1 and Th-2 activity in relation to wheezing in the first year of life. HVM Bioflux 2015;7(1):31-37.

Radu C, Meszaros M, Crisan D, Anton O, Rusu I, Dina L, Grigorescu M, Al Hajjar N, Geza M. Gallstone ileus four months after cholecystectomy. HVM Bioflux 2015;7(1):38-41.

Sharifi H, Mashayekhi K, Tavakoli MM. Risk facts of small ruminant brucellosis: a cross-sectional study in Southeast Iran 2012. HVM Bioflux 2015;7(1):42-45.