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Volume 10(3)/2018

First pages, HVM Bioflux 2018; 10(3):i-vi

de la Puente M, De Lavalle Galvis R, Rodríguez RG, Duarte AM, Riquett AR, de la Puente M, Viloria MB. Use of biomarkers as prognostic indicators in dogs with natural heartworm. HVM Bioflux 2018;10(3):99-103.

Chirila DN, Chirila MD, Micu BV, Istoan SA, Muresan MS, Gligor D, Pop TR. The risk of gastric cancer in patients with glutathione s-transferases (GSTS) gene polymorphisms. Review article. HVM Bioflux 2018;10(3):104-110.

Craciun CI, Craciun AE, Bocsan IC, Rusu A, Bala C, Coada CA, Roman G, Buzoianu AD. The C-peptide correlations and effect on the glycemic variability parameters in patients with type 2 diabetes. HVM Bioflux 2018;10(3):111-116.

Boc A, Vesa SC, Poienar AA, Azamfirei BA, Porumbel C, Crisan N, Coman I. Prognostic factors for survival after radical cystectomy for muscle-invasive urothelial bladder cancer. HVM Bioflux 2018;10(3):117-121.

Neculicioiu V, Pasca S, Azamfirei BA, Vesa SC, Sava M, Vlaicu SI, Macarie AE. Is heart failure associated with cognitive impairment in elderly?. HVM Bioflux 2018;10(3):122-127.

Onishchenko AI, Lupyr AV, Tkachenko AS, Gorbach TV, Nakonechna OA, Gubina-Vakulyck GI. Epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition and some parameters of extracellular matrix remodeling in chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyps. HVM Bioflux 2018;10(3):128-132.

Sesmun RE, Proske MJ, Papaleo D, Kuoch V, Chiorescu S. Multidisciplinary approach and segmental resection of the third portion of the duodenum for a gastrointestinal stromal tumour: a case report. HVM Bioflux 2018;10(3):133-136.

Prundus CR, Ciobanu L, Bolboaca SD, Tantau M, Matei D, Cruciat C, Pojoga C, Andreica V. The association between inflammatory bowel diseases and Helicobater pylori infection: a case-control Romanian study. HVM Bioflux 2018;10(3):137-141.

Dadarlat A, Sitar-Taut AV, Pop D, Zdrenghea DT, Buzoianu AD. Particularities of pharmacotherapy regimens in overweight and obese patients with heart failure and atrial fibrillation. HVM Bioflux 2018;10(3):142-148.

Perne MG, Milaciu MV, Para I, Negrean V, Sampelean D, Alexescu TG, Ciumarnean L. Diagnostic and treatment challenges in the centrally mediated abdominal pain syndrome – a case report. HVM Bioflux 2018;10(3):149-153.

Axente D, Dudric VN, Pop TR, Constantinescu IM, Serban AM. Incarcerated septic inguinal hernia - an unusual complication of ischiorectal abscess: surgical management. HVM Bioflux 2018;10(3):154-157.

Ispas A, Craciun A, Kui A, Lascu L, Constantiniuc M. Effects of occlusal trauma on the periodontium, alveolar bone, temporomandibular joint and central nervous system. HVM Bioflux 2018;10(3):158-162.