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Volume 9(1)/2017

First pages. HVM Bioflux 2017:9(1):i-vi.

Dudric V, Constantea N, Axente D, Silaghi H, Chirila D, Pop T, Para I, Maghiar A. The impact of laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy on obesity-associated comorbidities. HVM Bioflux 2017;9(1):1-5.

Covaliu BF, Predescu N, Armean SM, Minoiu C. Stress as a risk factor for menstrual disorders. HVM Bioflux 2017;9(1):6-10.

Rachisan AL, Pop LE, Parvan A, Samasca G, Bizo A, Hrusca A. Histopathological correlations and HLA-DQ/DR typing in coexisting celiac disease and type 1 diabetes in children – case report and literature review. HVM Bioflux 2017;9(1):11-15.

Fodor M, Olinic D, Fodor L. Case report: Extra-anatomic artery bypass for large brachial pseudoaneurysm related to vascular access for dialysis. HVM Bioflux 2017;9(1):16-19.

Micu B, Micu C, Pop TR, Constantea N. Morbidity of implantable ports placement in oncologic patients. HVM Bioflux 2017;9(1):20-23.

Tent PA, Popa D, Juncar R, Lung T, Juncar M. Treatment of mandibular fractures – A 10-year retrospective study. HVM Bioflux 2017;9(1):24-27.

Negucioiu M, Popa D, Juncar R, Juncar M. The minimum phonetic dimension in total edentulous patients: a different method for determining the vertical dimension of occlusion. HVM Bioflux 2017;9(1):28-32.

Barsu CD. Landmarks on Iuliu Moldovan’s contribution in the development of Transylvanian’s health care at the beginning of the interwar period. HVM Bioflux 2017;9(1):33-36.

Buzoianu AD, Bârsu CD. Memories of a great personality of Romanian pharmacology – Professor Barbu Cuparencu (1928-2014). HVM Bioflux 2017;9(1):37-40.