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Volume 6(1)/2014

First pages, 2014 HVM Bioflux 6(1):i-iv.

Rus NN, Bocsan C, Buzoianu AD. Lamotrigine in an experimental animal model of inflammatory pain. HVM Bioflux 2014;6(1):1-5.

Boca AN, Badalica-Petrescu M, Buzoianu AD. Current therapeutic options in psoriasis. HVM Bioflux 2014;6(1):6-10.

Ciovicescu F, Vesa SC, Radulescu D, Crisan S, Duncea C. Haemodialysis-induced electrolyte variation (serum calcium, magnesium and bicarbonate) and intradialytic heart rhythm disorders. HVM Bioflux 2014;6(1):11-14. 

Hotoleanu C, Popp R, Trifa A. Factor V Leiden, prothrombin G20210A and MTHFR C677T mutations in Romanian patients with deep venous thrombosis. HVM Bioflux 2014;6(1):15-19.

Ciumarnean L, Milaciu MV, Macarie AE, Sampelean DP, Achimas-Cadariu A. Non-genetic factors influencing serum PON1 levels. HVM Bioflux 2014;6(1):20-24.

Crișan IG, Vesa SC, Bocsan C, Cristea V. Correlations between serum levels of IL-17, IL-4, IL-31, IFN-gamma and etiological factors in patients with chronic spontaneous urticaria. HVM Bioflux 2014;6(1):25-29.

Khichar V, and Kataria AK. Capsular genotyping (cap5k and cap8k) of Staphylococcus aureus isolates from cattle with clinical mastitis. HVM Bioflux 2014;6(1):30-33.

Lucaciu O, Ionel A, Moga M, Sarbu A, Tiriac M, Campian RS. Evaluation of dental implants at 5 years from the completion of implant-prosthetic treatment. HVM Bioflux 2014;6(1):34-39.

Bob MH, Popescu CA, Pirlog R, Buzoianu AD. Personality factors associated with academic stress in first year medical students. HVM Bioflux 2014;6(1):40-44.