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Volume 8(4)/2016

First pages, HVM Bioflux 2016;8(4):i-vi.

Bordea R, Lucaciu O, Campian RS. Student’s knowledge and opinion regarding the need of implementation of Lasers in Dental Faculty curriculum. HVM Bioflux 2016;8(4):157-160.

Muntean A, Bocsan IC, Deleanu DM. The effect of H1-antihistamines on allergic inflammation in patients with allergic rhinitis. HVM Bioflux 2016;8(4):161-165.

Patronea A, Ilies RF, Marginean M, Boca AN, Iancu M, Popa M. The efect of working conditions on the development of chronic health conditions in Romanian bank employees. HVM Bioflux 2016;8(4):166-170.

Dudric V, Constantea N, Crisan D, Axente D, Silaghi H, Miclaus D, Ghisa AM, Maghiar A. Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy: short and mid-term outcome. HVM Bioflux 2016;8(4):171-175.

Arnafia W, Ningrum SG, Adji RS, Lukman DW, Pasaribu FH, Wibawan WT. Isolation of Salmonella from reptiles in pet shop and its susceptibility to antibiotics in Indonesia. HVM Bioflux 2016;8(4):177-181.

Tent PA, Popa D, Juncar R, Lung T, Juncar M. Evaluation of clinical features of mandibular fractures and associated injuries. A 10-year retrospective study. HVM Bioflux 2016;8(4):182-186.

Silaghi CN, Gheorghe SR, Fodor D, Craciun AM. Circulating matrix Gla protein in patients with vascular pathology. HVM Bioflux 2016;8(4):187-191.

Major KA, Major ZZ, Carbone G, Pisla A, Vaida C, Gherman B, Pisla DL. Ranges of motion as basis for robot-assisted post-stroke rehabilitation. HVM Bioflux 2016;8(4):192-196.

Saraci G, Para I. Case report: primary biliary cirrhosis following leptospirosis - coincidence or consequence?. HVM Bioflux 2016;8(4):197-199.

Supplementary materials.