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Volume 7(3)/2015

First pages. HVM Bioflux 2015;7(3):i-viii.

Dina L, Micu B. The treatment of eosinophilic esophagitis - a review from literature. HVM Bioflux 2015;7(3):119-125.

Stamate MC, Bondor CI, Cosgarea M. Differences in otoacoustic emissions in infants and adults with normal hearing. HVM Bioflux 2015;7(3):126-134.

Pascarenco G, Coros MF, Pascarenco OD, Sorlea S, Maghiar AM. Anastomotic leakage in rectal cancer surgery: incidence and risk factors. HVM Bioflux 2015;7(3):135-139.

Lucaci C, Acalovschi M. The importance of vitamin D status in liver histological progression and response to antiviral therapy. HVM Bioflux 2015;7(3):140-143.

Pascarenco G, Coros MF, Pascarenco OD, Sorlea S, Maghiar AM. Analysis of factors influencing early mortality in colorectal cancer surgery. HVM Bioflux 2015;7(3):144-148.

Anghel AE, Ene CD, Neagu M, Nicolae I. The relationship between interleukin 8 and ki67 in cutaneous malignant melanoma. HVM Bioflux 2015;7(3):149-154.

Todor BI, Vaida L, Csep A, Iurcov R. Impact of socio-economic status on malocclusions prevalence to school-children from Western Romania; ethnical disparities. HVM Bioflux 2015;7(3):155-61.

Berar AM, David DC, Lascu L, Matros L, Campian RS. Analysis of hematological and oxidative stress parameters in the evaluation of experimentally induced periapical lesions. HVM Bioflux 2015;7(3):162-167.

Stoian M, Stoian A. Urinary protein fractions separation by geometrical electrofocusing after spinal, Sevofluran and Desfluran anesthesia. HVM Bioflux 2015;7(3):168-172.

Gradinaru AC, Creanga S, Solcan G. Milk – a review on its synthesis, composition, and quality assurance in dairy industry. HVM Bioflux 2015;7(3):173-177.

Cadar I, Pop LV. Correlations between cervical spine posture and low back pain. HVM Bioflux 2015;7(3):178-182.

Matros L, Pandrea SL, Krausz TL, Ciontea MI, Chiorean E, Serban OI, Pepelea LS, Berar AM, Botean OT, Junie LM. Uncommon species of non - fermentative Gram – negative bacilli in the infectious diseases pathology. HVM Bioflux 2015;7(3):183-190.

Vacaras V, Major ZZ, Maris E, Major KA, Buzoianu AD. A stepwise approach to adult-onset leukodystrophy. HVM Bioflux 2015;7(3):191-196.

Chisnoiu AM, Buduru S, Lascu L, Vesa SC, Picos AM, Pascu L, Chisnoiu R. Influence of occlusal characteristics on temporomandibular joint disorder development – a cross-sectional study. HVM Bioflux 2015;7(3):197-201.

Rotaru DI, Berechet D, Todor BI, Vaida L. Morphological aspects and treatment of candida infections. HVM Bioflux 2015;7(3):202-205.

Truta A, Saraci G, Hodor-Popon TA, Ghervan L, Pop IV. Etiopathogenesis of bladder cancer. Risk factors, genetic aspects and novel diagnosis biomarkers. HVM Bioflux 2015;7(3):206-214.

Goia-Socol MA, Goia-Socol M, Georgescu CE. Traditional bone matrix proteins in obesity, insulin resistance and diabetes: state of the art and perspectives. HVM Bioflux 2015;7(3):215-220.

Tavakkoli H, Salehi M. Low pathogenic avian influenza in zebra finch (Taeniopygia guttata): clinical signs, replication and excretion time. HVM Bioflux 2015;7(3):221-224.

Major ZZ, Vacaras V, Major KA, Maris E, Mureșanu DF. Wilson’s disease – a six year long journey to a positive diagnosis. HVM Bioflux 2015;7(3):225-228.

Crisan DA, Radu CI, Suciu AM, Romanciuc F, Socaciu C, Grigorescu M. Metabolomics in nonalcoholic fatty liver disease - a new technique for an open horizon. HVM Bioflux 2015;7(3):229-235.