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Volume 6(3)/2014

First pages. HVM Bioflux 2014:6(3):i-vi.

Vaida L, Zetu I, Corega C, Pirte A, Păcurar M, Todor BI. Current self-related cognitions in adolescents with orthodontic treatment. HVM Bioflux 2014;6(3):93-99.

Taqa GA. Evaluation of antinociceptive activity of ketamine cream in rats. HVM Bioflux 2014;6(3):100-104.

Crişan IG, Bocşan CI, Vesa ŞC, Cristea V. Effects of H1 antihistamine therapy on the cytokine profile in chronic urticaria. HVM Bioflux 2014;6(3):105-109.

Chirilă MD, Chirilă DN, Motocu M. Radiation environmental effects on the lymphoid neoplasia pathology. HVM Bioflux 2014;6(3):110-117.

Stoicescu L, Duncea C, Crişan S, Buzdugan E, Donca V, Radulescu D. Influence of arterial stiffness on degenerative changes in the aortic valve and the relationship with cardiovascular risk factors. HVM Bioflux 2014;6(3):118-123.

Toma AF, Mihancea P. Features of dementia as non-motor symptom of Parkinson’s disease. HVM Bioflux 2014;6(3):124-131.

Fodor DM, Gonganau-Nitu D, Perju-Dumbrava L. Circadian patterns of ischemic stroke onset. HVM Bioflux 2014;6(3):132-139.

Todor BI, Vaida L, Scrobotă I. Influence of socio-economic status on caries experience to schoolchildren from mining areas. HVM Bioflux 2014;6(3):140-147.

Muchlisin ZA, Munazir AM, Fuady Z, Winaruddin W,  Sugianto S, Adlim M, Fadli N, Hendri A. Prevalence of ectoparasites on mahseer fish (Tor tambra Valenciennes, 1842) from aquaculture ponds and wild population of Nagan Raya District, Indonesia. HVM Bioflux 2014;6(3):148-152.

Diaconu RE, Macarie AE, Orăsan R. Analysis of oxidative stress in sun-exposed and unexposed skin. HVM Bioflux 2014;6(3):153-157.