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Volume 3(2)/2011

First pages, 2011 HVM Bioflux 3(2):i-vi.

Smical I., 2011 Properties of natural zeolites in benefit of nutrition and health. HVM Bioflux 3(2):51-57.

Petrascu M., Flonta M., Almas A. M., 2011 The genetic characteristics of extended-spectrum β-lactamases (ESBLs) among Escherichia coli and Klebsiella pneumoniae isolates from urine specimens. HVM Bioflux 3(2):58-65.

Kimura T., 2011 The effects of chitosan and chitin wound dressings in hairless dogs. HVM Bioflux 3(2):66-75.

Akhondzadeh Basti A., Haddadzadeh H., Tajik H., Hajimohammadi B., Shirali S., Hemati M., Ahmadiara E., 2011 Effect of different temperature conditions on survival time of Linguatula serrata nymphs. HVM Bioflux 3(2):76-82.

Flonta M., Craciunas C., Lupse M., Almas A. M., Carstina D., 2011 Extended-spectrum β-lactamases (ESBL) - producing Escherichia coli strains in blood cultures. HVM Bioflux 3(2):83-88.

Radu C. I., Crisan D. A., Grigorescu M., 2011 How can we predict steatosis using biochemical markers (SteatoTest and Fatty liver index)? HVM Bioflux 3(2):89-96.

Saraci G., Vesa S. C., Pascu O., 2011 Epidemiologic aspects in esophageal pathology focusing on gastroesophageal reflux disease and Barrett’s esophagus. HVM Bioflux 3(2):97-104.

Rosianu S. H., Buzoianu A. D., Rosianu A., Capalneanu R., 2011 Pace and sotalol – three case reports of the benefits and potential hazards associated with sotalol administration in sinus node dysfunction. HVM Bioflux 3(2):105-112.

Popa L., Rosianu S. H., Kiss E., Denes C. L., Costin O., Popa V., 2011 Complex therapeutic approach in a child with syndromic morbid obesity and acute heart failure. HVM Bioflux 3(2):113-118.

Militaru V., Miu N., Pop T. L., Burac L., Stefanescu A., Crisan S., Vesa S., Radulescu L., Duncea C. R., 2011 Diagnostic particularities in Wilson’s disease as related to age, sex and clinical presentation. HVM Bioflux 3(2):119-125.

Saraci G., Vesa S. C., Pascu P., 2011 The contribution of abdominal ultrasound in diagnosis and evaluation of gastroesophageal reflux. HVM Bioflux 3(2):126-132.

Gradinaru A. C., Popescu O., Solcan G., 2011 Antibiotic residues in milk from Moldavia, Romania. HVM Bioflux 3(2):133-141.

Al-Baggou B. K., Naser A. S., Mohammad F. K., 2011 Hydrogen peroxide potentiates organophosphate toxicosis in chicks. HVM Bioflux 3(2):142-149.

Radulescu L., Duncea C. R., Radulescu D., Militaru V., Parv A., 2011 Cardiotoxicity of antineoplasic agents: onset, risk factors and clinical manifestation. HVM Bioflux 3(2):150-157.

Lucaciu D., Condor A., Vesa S. C., 2011 Cardiorenal syndrome: a review. HVM Bioflux 3(2):158-164.

Sahandi J., Hajimoradloo A., 2011 Hole-in-head disease: New method of treatment in flower horn ornamental fish. HVM Bioflux 3(2):165-169.

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