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Volume 11(2)/2019

First pages. HVM Bioflux 2019;11(2):i-vi.

Vaida LL, Todor BI, Moca AE, Scrobota I, Negrutiu BM, Muntean A. Correlations between dental age and chronological age in children and adolescents. HVM Bioflux 2019;11(2):43-47.

Eftimov PB, Todorov DG, Shishkov SA, Hinkov AV, Rakleova GV, Tiufekchiev NG, Filipov CK. Diagnostic approach in canine parvovirus infection in vaccinated and non-vaccinated dogs. HVM Bioflux 2019;11(2):48-51.

Todor BI, Vaida L, Moca A, Negrutiu B, Lucan AI, Scrobota I. Correlations between the dental status of permanent first molar and the hygiene status in children of mixed dentition. HVM Bioflux 2019;11(2):52-56.

Negrutiu BM, Todor BI, Moca A, Vaida LL, Judea-Pusta C. Dietary habits and weight loss in orthodontic patients. HVM Bioflux 2019;11(2):57-60.

Baican C, Deleanu D, Dima D, Candrea E, Baican A, Danescu S. Delayed diagnosis of Schnitzler syndrome, an autoinflammatory disease. HVM Bioflux 2019;11(2):61-65.

Ciubean AD, Irsay L, Ungur RA, Ciortea VM, Borda IM, Dogaru GB, Onac I, Trifa AP, Voina CM, Vesa SC, Buzoianu AD. Genetic factors influencing the efficiency of alendronate therapy in postmenopausal women with primary osteoporosis. HVM Bioflux 2019;11(2):66-74.

Danescu S, Candrea E, Baican A, Vasilovici A, Vornicescu D, Baican C. Sclerotic-type chronic graft-versus-host disease - a case report. HVM Bioflux 2019;11(2):75-77.

Popa LE, Molnar A, Rancea R, Feier DS, Lebovici A, Zaharie A, Petresc B, Buruian MM. The prevalence of coronary artery disease in the Romanian population evaluated by coronary CT angiography. HVM Bioflux 2019;11(2):78-86.

Baican C, Candrea E, Baican A, Vasilovici A, Vornicescu D, Danescu S. Localized bullous pemphigoid associated with multiple milia formation - an atypical presentation. HVM Bioflux 2019;11(2):87-90.

Maxim RA, Militaru CF, Stanca DV, Andras I, Crisan N, Coman I. Quality of life in patients with prostate cancer treated with hormonotherapy. HVM Bioflux 2019;11(2):91-94.