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Volume 10(2)/2018

First pages, HVM Bioflux; 10(2):i-vi.

Tkachenko AS, Marakushyn DI, Rezunenko YK, Onishchenko AI, Nakonechna OA, Posokhov YO. A study of erythrocyte membranes in carrageenan-induced gastroenterocolitis by method of fluorescent probes. HVM Bioflux 2018;10(2):37-41.

Mester A, Lucaciu O, Ciobanu L, Apostu D, Buhatel D, Campian RS. Assessments of periodontal parameters in patients with liver fibrosis according to Metavir score. HVM Bioflux 2018;10(2):42-45.

Ferhat L, Chahed A, China B, Assaous F, Daube G, Rahal K. Research and characterization of Escherichia coli O157 strains isolated from ovine carcasses of two slaughterhouses of Algiers city. HVM Bioflux 2018;10(2):46-50.

Vigu AL, Stanciu D, Sava S, Labunet A, Burde AV, Dascalu (Rusu) ML, Campian RS. Oral health related attitudes and behavior correlated with gender. An item-level analysis using the Hiroshima University Dental Behavior Inventory. HVM Bioflux 2018;10(2):51-55.

Lucaciu O, Mirica IC, Bordea R, Balan R, Mester A, Bud M, Campian RS. Augmentation through guided bone regeneration in horizontal bone reconstruction HVM Bioflux 2018;10(2):56-61.

Helmi, Nuradji H, Dharmayanti NLPI, Mranata B, Sudarnika E, Lukman DW, Wibawan IWT. Antiviral activity of edible bird’s nest extract on highly pathogenic avian influenza H5N1 viral infection in vitro. HVM Bioflux 2018;10(2):62-68.

Pop MG, Bartos DM, Fit AM, Vesa SC, Bartos A, Cornel I. Thirty-day postoperative mortality in colon cancer surgery. A single-center analysis of 630 patients. HVM Bioflux 2018;10(2):69-73.

Suciu A, Crisan D, Lupsor-Platon M, Rus M, Rusu I, Grigorescu M. Are non-invasive scores reliable for nonalcoholic fatty liver disease and nonalcoholic steatohepatitis diagnostic?. HVM Bioflux 2018;10(2):74-78.

Craciun CI, Craciun AE, Vesa S, Pop RM, Bocsan CI, Buzoianu AD. The changes of inflammatory markers and irisine level in the first year of insulin therapy in type 2 diabetes patients. HVM Bioflux 2018;10(2):79-84.

Achek R, Cantekin Z, Oumouna M, Mahdi A, Hamdi TM. Occurrence of enterotoxins, exfoliative toxins and toxic shock syndrome toxin-1 genes in Staphylococcus aureus and CoNS isolated from clinical and food samples in Algeria. HVM Bioflux 2018;10(2):85-92.

Chirila DN, Chirila MD, Istoan SA, Micu BV, Muresan MS, Gligor D, Pop TR. The glutathione s-transferases (GSTS) gene polymorphisms in colorectal cancers. HVM Bioflux 2018;10(2):93-97.