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Volume 6(4)/2014

First pages, 2014 HVM Bioflux 2014:6(4):i-vi.

Lucaciu O, Soare R, Buhatel D, Ionel A, Moga M, Sarbu A, Tiriac M, Campian RS. The impact of socioeconomic inequalities in the distribution of oral pathology in a disadvantaged group in Cluj Napoca, Romania. HVM Bioflux 2014;6(4):159-164.

Iova S, Popescu CA, Iova A, Mihancea P, Buzoianu AD. Impact of depression on coping strategies in multiple sclerosis patients. HVM Bioflux 2014;6(4):165-168.

Alizade H, Fallah F, Ghanbarpour R, Aflatoonian MR, Goudarzi H, Sharifi H. Phylotyping of blaCTX-M-15 gene in extended spectrum beta lactamase producing Escherichia coli isolates from clinical samples in Iran. HVM Bioflux 2014;6(4):169-173.

Leach NV, Dronca E, Radu C, Crisan D, Lupsor-Platon M, Sampelean DS, Grigorescu M. Evaluation of metabolic syndrome in patients with non-alcoholic steatohepatitis. HVM Bioflux 2014;6(4):174-181.

Iova S, Popescu CA, Iova A, Dindelegan C, Mihancea P, Buzoianu AD. Personality traits in multiple sclerosis: association with mood and anxiety disorders in a Romanian patients sample. HVM Bioflux 2014;6(4):182-186.

Andronie L, Miresan V, Raducu C, Pop I, Coroian A, Coroian CO. The adsorption behaviour of buffered aspirin monitored by Raman and surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy. HVM Bioflux 2014;6(4):187-190.

Spinei A, Picos AM, Nicoara P, Picos A, Spinei I. Changes of the tooth enamel following the application of a new prevention method in children suffering from cerebral palsy and gastro-esophageal reflux disease. HVM Bioflux 2014;6(4):191-197.

Lucaciu O, Tiriac M, Onisor F, Campian RS. Extreme peri-implantitis. HVM Bioflux 2014;6(4):198-203.

Manta A, Iorga CIM, Strimbu V, Popa F. The role of laparoscopic approach in reducing complications of peritoneal dialysis. HVM Bioflux 2014;6(4):203-209.

Andronie L, Pop I, Miresan V, Coroian A, Raducu C, Cocan C, Coroian CO. Adsorption behavior of 1 - and 2 - Naphthol species on Ag colloidal nanoparticles. HVM Bioflux 2014;6(4):210-213.

Spinei A, Picos AM, Romanciuc I, Picos A, Spinei I. Particularities of the chemical composition of dental enamel in children with neuromotor disabilities and gastro-esophageal reflux disease. HVM Bioflux 2014;6(4):214-221.