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Volume 7(2)/2015

First pages. HVM Bioflux 2015;7(2):i-vi.

Micu B, Micu C, Dina L, Andercou O, Constantea N. Assessment of clinical and pathological prognostic factors for colorectal cancer recurrence after surgery. HVM Bioflux 2015;7(2):47-54.

Berar AM, Lasserre J-F, d’Incau E, des Varannes SB, Picos A, Chira A, Picos AM. Factors associated with localization of dental erosion in patients from two French medical centers. HVM Bioflux 2015;7(2):55-59.

Olteanu AL, Mihaila RG, Catana AC, Flucus O, Bus C, Mihalache M. The impact of pre-analytical variable, type of anticoagulant and time delay, on the measurement of mean platelet volume. HVM Bioflux 2015;7(2):60-64.

Silaghi CN, Olteanu G, Craciun AM. The behavior of circulating matrix Gla protein, matrix metalloproteinase-9 and nitrotyrosine in patients with varicose veins. HVM Bioflux 2015;7(2):65-69.

Ismail ZB, Hananeh W, Alshehabat M, Daradka M, Ali J. Short –term clinical and pathological alterations associated with a single intravenous injection of alloxan monohydrate in dogs. HVM Bioflux 2015;7(2):70-74.

Bacalbasa N, Gireada A, Balescu I. Tumor markers in pancreatic cancer – literature review. HVM Bioflux 2015;7(2):75-78.

Toma AF, Mihancea P. Non-motor symptoms in German and Romanian patients with Parkinson’s disease and the differences between the two nationalities. HVM Bioflux 2015;7(2):79-85.

Dumitras M, Strambu V, Iorga C, Bengulescu I, Popa F. Parathyroid hormone between limits and possibilities in secondary hyperparathyroidism. HVM Bioflux 2015;7(2):86-89.

Ionel A, Lucaciu O, Moga M, Buhatel D, Ilea A, Tabaran F, Catoi C, Berce C, Toader S, Campian RS. Periodontal disease induced in Wistar rats - experimental study. HVM Bioflux 2015;7(2):90-95.

Saveanu L, Dina LA. The role of eosinophils in eosinophilic esophagitis. HVM Bioflux 2015;7(2):96-100.

Mutiawati E, Meliala L, Aji D, Wasito W, Muchlisin ZA. A preliminary study on the effect of methylcobalamin application on reducing neuropathic pain. HVM Bioflux 2015;7(2):101-103.

Chisnoiu A, Lascu L, Pascu L, Georgiu C, Chisnoiu R. Emotional stress evaluation in patients with temporomandibular joint disorder. HVM Bioflux 2015;7(2):104-107.

Lucaciu O, Crisan B, Coada CA, Socaciu A, Baciut M, Baciut G, Campian RS, Bordea R, Soare R. Influence of canine impaction on the patient’s quality of life. HVM Bioflux 2015;7(2):108-113.

Micu B, Micu C, Gherman A, Sava M, Pop TR, Constantea N. The role of sentinel lymph node analysis in patients with colorectal cancer undergoing surgery. HVM Bioflux 2015;7(2):114-117.