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Volume 4(1)/2012

First pages, 2012. HVM Bioflux 4(1):i-vi.

Chirila, D. N., Bungardean, C. I., Pop, T. R., Vesa, S. C., Constantea, N. C., 2012. Multiple malignant tumors - a clinical case. HVM Bioflux 4(1):1-5.

Mohammad, F. K., Mousa, Y. J., Al-Zubaidy, M. H. I., Alias, A. S., 2012. Assessment of diphenhydramine effects against acute poisoning induced by the organophosphate insecticide dichlorvos in chicks. HVM Bioflux 4(1):6-13.

Talu, S., Giovanzana, S., 2012. Image analysis of the normal human retinal vasculature using fractal geometry. HVM Bioflux 4(1):14-18.

Saraci, G., Pascarenco, O., Vesa, S. C., Pascu, O., 2012. Type I autoimmune hepatitis, inverted psoriasis with psoriatic arthropathy and type 2 diabetes mellitus as complications of a chronic B virus hepatitis treated with interferon - Case study. HVM Bioflux 4(1):19-22.

Militaru, F. C., Crisan, S., Vesa, S. C., Trifa, A., Militaru, V., Buzoianu, A. D., 2012. Determinants of hemorrhagic risk during acenocoumarol treatment. HVM Bioflux 4(1):23-28.

Mosutan, C., Saraci, G., Duncea, C. R., 2012. Predictor value of some clinical-biological parameters for the onset of depressive disorder in elderly patients with unstable angina. HVM Bioflux 4(1):29-33.

Dumitru, V. M., Cozman, D., 2012. The relationship between stress and personality factors. HVM Bioflux 4(1):34-39.

Pascarenco, O., Dobru, D., Boeriu, A., Brusnic, O., Onisor, D., Stoian, M., Pascarenco, G., Galeanu, M., 2012. The importance of magnification chromoendoscopy with methylene blue in detecting specialized intestinal metaplasia in short segment Barrett’s esophagus. HVM Bioflux 4(1):40-44.

Solon, C. C. E., Torres, M. A. J., Demayo, C. G., 2012. Describing the shape of the face of hypertensive and non-hypertensive adult females using geometric morphometric analysis. HVM Bioflux 4(1):45-51.