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Volume 4(3)/2012 (December, 30)

First Pages, HVM Bioflux 4(3):i-vi.

Chirila, D. N., Turdeanu, N. A., Constantea, N. A., Pop, T. R., Porumbel, S. D., Bungardean, C. I., Micu, B., Axente, D., Crisan, S., Ciuce, C., 2012. Synchronous cancers of the colon and rectum. HVM Bioflux 4(3):83-89.

Chirila, D. N., Turdeanu, N. A., Constantea, N. A., Popp, R., Balacescu, O., Pop, T. R., Bungardean, C. I., Ciuce, C., 2012. Family with a multiple cancer syndrome. HVM Bioflux 4(3):90-96.

Donca, D., Macarie, A., Pasca, L., Buzdugan, E., Bodolea, C., Radulescu, D., Crisan, S., Stoicescu, L., Neacsu, B., Donca, S., 2012. Aging male syndrome. HVM Bioflux 4(3):97-102.

Rusu, I. R., Cosman, D., Nemes, B., 2012. Family - protective factor to prevent suicidal behavior in adolescents. HVM Bioflux 4(3):103-106.

Vacaras, V., Major, Z. Z., Buzoianu, A. D., 2012. One year on glatiramer acetate. Preliminary report on disease activity and disability evolution. HVM Bioflux 4(3):107-109.

Militaru, F. C., Crisan, S., Vesa, S. C., Trifa, A., Militaru, V., Buzoianu, A. D., 2012. Influence of CYP2C9 and VKORC1 polymorphisms on the time required to reach the therapeutic INR. HVM Bioflux 4(3):110-113.

Suteu, M., Georgescu, B., Georgescu, C. E., 2012. Human VKORC1 2255T>C polymorphism: distribution analysis in a Romanian population. HVM Bioflux 4(3):114-117.

Youssef, A. I., El-Haig, M. M., 2012. Herd problems and occupational zoonoses of Salmonella enterica serovars Typhimurium and Enteritidis infection in diarrheic cattle and buffalo calves in Egypt. HVM Bioflux 4(3):118-123.

Georgescu, C. E., Suteu, M., Georgescu, B., 2012. Endocrine-disrupting chemicals in polycystic ovary syndrome: an evidence-based minireview. HVM Bioflux 4(3):124-129.

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