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Volume 5(3)/2013

First pages, 2013 HVM Bioflux 5(3):i-vi.

Sabin, O., Trifa, A. P., Brusturean, E., Buzoianu, A. D., 2013. Study of CYP2C9 and CYP2C19 polymorphisms in a Romanian epilepsy population. HVM Bioflux 5(3):77-81.

Brusturean-Bota, E., Coada, C. A., Buzoianu, A. D., Perju-Dumbrava, L., 2013. Assessment of quality of life in patients with epilepsy. HVM Bioflux 5(3):82-87.

Ciumarnean, L., Dronca, E., Coada, C. A., Sampelean, D. S., Achimas-Cadariu, A., 2013. Correlation between several extrinsic factors and Paraoxonase 1 activities. HVM Bioflux 5(3):88-93.

Brusturean-Bota, E., Trifa, P. A., Coada, C. A., Buzoianu, A. D., Perju-Dumbrava, L., 2013. Impact of CYP2C9 genetic polymorphisms on valproate dosage, plasma concentrations of valproate and clinical response to valproate. HVM Bioflux 5(3):94-98.

Pop, T. R., Crisan, S., Chirila, D. N., Buzoianu, A. D., 2013. Risk factors for deep vein thrombosis in surgical patients. HVM Bioflux 5(3):99-102.

Morea, M., Miu, N., 2013. Metabolic syndrome in children. HVM Bioflux 5(3):103-108.

Maxim, A.-R., Coada, C. A., Badea R. I., 2013. Ovarian cancer experience from a Romanian regional center: preliminary results. HVM Bioflux 5(3):109-113. 

Gholami, F., Bokaie, S., Khanjari, A., Esmaeili, H., Mirzapour, A., Amani, Z., 2013. A retrospective survey of poultry carcass condemnation in abattoirs of Tehran province, Capital of Iran, Iran (2009-2011). HVM Bioflux 5(3):114-116.

Maniu, D. A., Maniu, E. A., Benga, I., 2013. Effects of an aquatic therapy program on vital capacity, quality of life and physical activity index in children with cerebral palsy. HVM Bioflux 5(3):117-124.

Popovici, C., Matei, D., Torok, T., Vesa, S. C., Pascu, O., 2013. Evolution of the causes of upper gastrointestinal bleeding. HVM Bioflux 5(3):125-128.

Rosianu, S. H., Rosianu, A., Aldica, M., Capalneanu, R.,  Buzoianu, A. D., 2013. Treatment with renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system inhibitors and the decrease in inflammatory markers in paroxysmal atrial fibrillation. HVM Bioflux 5(3):129-134.

Picos, A. M., Chisnoiu, A. M., Lasserre, J. F., Spinei, A., Chisnoiu, R. M., Picos, A., 2013. Dental erosion - literature update. HVM Bioflux 5(3):135-141.

Sibonga, M. F. J., Geduspan, J. S., Caipang C. M. A., 2013. Optimized multiplex PCR assays for simultaneous detection of viruses infecting hatchery-reared shrimp, Penaeus monodon in the Philippines. HVM Bioflux 5(3):142-145.