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Volume 10(4)/2018

First pages, HVM Bioflux 2018; 10(4):i-vi.

Palupi MF, Darusman HS, Maheshwari H, Wibawan IWT, Sudarnika E. In vitro mutant prevention concentration of colistin sulfate against pathogenic Escherichia coli. HVM Bioflux 2018;10(4):163-168.

Popescu RM, Ober C, Sevastre B, Nicula C, Coman I. Intraoperative floppy iris syndrome caused by alpha1-blocker treatment in benign prostatic hyperplasia. HVM Bioflux 2018;10(3):169-174.

Dadarlat A, Pop D, Zdrenghea D, Bodisz G, Fringu F, Gurzau D, Susca-Hojda S, Buzoianu AD. Leptin secretion and NT-proBNP levels in overweight and obese patients with chronic heart failure with or without atrial fibrillation. HVM Bioflux 2018;10(4):175-180.

Dudric VN, Axente DD. Perforated jejunal diverticulum, a case report. HVM Bioflux 2018;10(4):181-183.

Abuseir S, Nagel-Kohl U, Strube C. Protein profile of the cysts of Taenia hydatigena, Taenia saginata, Echinococcus granulosus and Taenia ovis. HVM Bioflux 2018;10(4):184-188.

Fluerasu MI, Iacob S, Bocsan IC, Vesa SC, Albu S, Buduru S. The mandibular kinematics in relation to structural and functional modification of temporomandibular joint. HVM Bioflux 2018;10(4):189-195.

Chiorescu RM, Stoia MA, Parvu A, Georgiu C, Barta A, Chiorescu S, Manole S. Cardiac amyloidosis in a patient with multiple myeloma. HVM Bioflux 2018;10(4):196-199.

Axente DD, Surcel M, Serban AM, Mihalcea SM, Dudric VN. Laparoscopic myomectomy in a female patient with voluminous uterine fibroid and metrorrhagia after preoperative treatment with gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonis. HVM Bioflux 2018;10(4):200-203.

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