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Volume 11(3)/2019

First pages. HVM Bioflux 2019;11(3):i-vi.

Corbu A, Vasilescu DE, Andrei M, Cristea S. Radiological assessment of residual deformities of surgically treated idiopathic congenital clubfeet during early infancy. HVM Bioflux 2019;11(3):95-99.

Tent PA, Juncar R, Maghiar TT, Maghiar OA, Maghiar A, Juncar M. Long-term complications of mandibular fractures – a 10-year retrospective clinical study. HVM Bioflux 2019;11(3):100-105.

Babtan AM, Bosca BA, Petrescu NB, Parvu AE, Uifalean A, Taulescu M, Negru M, Crisan M, Campian RS, Ilea A. Accumulation of N-epsilon carboxymethyl lysine in various tissues and organs related to diet-induced aging process. State of the art and experimental animal study. HVM Bioflux 2019;11(3):106-115.

Usenko OY, Sidyuk AV, Klimas AS, Sidyuk OY, Savenko GU, Babii IV. Experimental assessment of the tightness of mechanical invagination esophagogastroanastomosis. HVM Bioflux 2019;11(3):116-121.

Tiple C, Stamate MC, Ujvary LP, Chirila M, Vesa SC, Cosgarea M. Pulmonary rehabilitation in patients with total laryngectomy. HVM Bioflux 2019;11(3):122-125.

Abaturov AY, Vakulenko LI, Kunak OV. Correlation between endothelial dysfunction and left ventricular hypertrophy in children with initial stages chronic kidney disease. HVM Bioflux 2019;11(3):126-130.

Tat RM, Golea A, Vesa SC, Ionescu D. Predicting early neurological outcome after resuscitated non-traumatic cardiac arrest. HVM Bioflux 2019;11(3):131-135.

Tat TF, Popa R, Constantinescu C, Alexa A, Vesa SC, Ionescu D. Effectiveness of intravenous administration of lidocaine on immediate postoperative evolution in colorectal cancer surgery. HVM Bioflux 2019;11(3):136-142.

Gherman CD, Stancu B, Fodor D, Ciocan RA, Bolboaca SD. Doppler ultrasound in the evaluation of recurrence after endovenous laser ablation of the great saphenous vein. HVM Bioflux 2019;11(3):143-149.