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Volume 7(4)/2015

First pages. 2015 HVM Bioflux 7(4):i-viii.

Bocsan IC, Muntean A, Buzoianu AD. The association between the interleukin-10 gene polymorphism (-1082 G/A) and allergic diseases. HVM Bioflux 2015;7(4):237-243.

Cadar ID, Pop LV, Dogaru GB. The lumbar spine symptoms modifications due to vertebral spine posture optimization. HVM Bioflux 2015;7(4):244-248.

Dinescu F-V, Chirila M, Tiple C, Cosgarea M. Respiratory chondromesenchymal hamartoma: case reports and literature review. HVM Bioflux 2015;7(4):249-252.

Miroshnikova E, Arinzhanov A, Kilyakova Y, Sizova E, Miroshnikov S. Antagonist metal alloy nanoparticles of iron and cobalt: impact on trace element metabolism in carp and chicken. HVM Bioflux 2015;7(4):253-259.

Tiple C, Chirila M, Dinescu FV, Cosgarea M. A case report of recurrent respiratory papillomatosis progressed into a loco-regionally advanced laryngeal carcinoma. HVM Bioflux 2015;7(4):260-263.

Pop A, Andreica V. Infections and liver cirrhosis: a dangerous liaison. HVM Bioflux 2015;7(4):264-270.

Caraiani C, Chiorean L, Badea R. Diagnosis of hepatocellular carcinoma – usefulness of magnetic resonance T2-weighted images, diffusion weighted images, and T1 post-contrast injection sequences. HVM Bioflux 2015;7(4):271-275.

Dronca E, Militaru MS, Ciumarnean L, Pop IV. Cytogenetic and fragile X testing in a group of Romanian autistic children. HVM Bioflux 2015;7(4):276-282.

Tirinescu DC, Bondor CI, Kacso iM. Hierarchy of risk factors for stenosis of arteriovenous fistula in chronic hemodialysis patients using TOPSIS method. HVM Bioflux 2015;7(4):283-289.

Constantinescu D, Constantinescu I, Mironiuc A. The tissue oxidant/antioxidant balance – implications in the pathogenesis of venous leg ulcer. HVM Bioflux 2015;7(4):290-293.

Popescu C, Urian L, Patiu M, Flonta M, Bagacean C, Radeanu D, Petrov L, Zdrenghea M. Leukemic and cryptococcal meningitis in an alemtuzumab-treated chronic lymphocytic leukemia patient - a case report. HVM Bioflux 2015;7(4):294-297.

Bagacean C, Lombion N, Tempescul A, Ianotto JC, Berthou C, Renaudineau Y, Zdrenghea M, Cristea V. Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma response to Rituximab-PMitCEBO regimen is not predicted by FcγRIIIa158 polymorphism. HVM Bioflux 2015;7(4):298-301.

Bagacean C, Quintin-Roue I, Ianotto JC, Renaudineau Y, Tempescul A, Radeanu D, Muresan A, Zdrenghea M. CD20 negative relapse of a follicular lymphoma after chemoimmunotherapy. HVM Bioflux 2015;7(4):302-305.

Habic A, Crisan D, Caraiani C, Grigorescu M. Tuberous sclerosis with severe lymphangioleiomyomatosis and chylous ascites: a case report. HVM Bioflux 2015;7(4):306-309.

Amza AB, Dindelegan G, Ciuce C, Georgescu C. Surgical approach and post-therapeutical effects of secondary hyperparathyroidism. HVM Bioflux 2015;7(4):310-314.

Mercea V, Tantau M, Sabin O, Vesa SC, Pascu O. The role of endoscopic computer simulator in assessing the quality level of endoscopists. HVM Bioflux 2015;7(4):315-318.

Bodea R, Al Hajjar N, Iordache C, Ciuca I, Iancu C. Resectability criteria in cephalo-pancreatic cancer. HVM Bioflux 2015;7(4):319-323.

Chirila M, Bolboaca SD. Case of cholesteatoma after radiation therapy for nasopharyngeal carcinoma. HVM Bioflux 2015;7(4):324-326.

Mocan M, Chiriac L, Banc O, Moldovan R, Turcu F, Simon S. Magnetic resonance imaging based assessment of aortic valve area: a methodology proposal and an experimental case study. HVM Bioflux 2015;7(4):327-333.

Casoinic F, Baston D, Sampelean D, Buzoianu DA, Hancu N. Serum osteoprotegerin levels in patients with type 2 diabetes and non-alcoholic fatty liver: A biomarker for the risk of cardiovascular disease. HVM Bioflux 2015;7(4):334-340.

Casoinic F, Baston D, Sampelean D, Badau C, Buzoianu DA, Hancu N. Symptomatic and asymptomatic significant carotid artery disease in type 2 diabetes patients with non-alcoholic steatohepatitis. HVM Bioflux 2015;7(4):341-345.

Safri M. Atopic dermatitis incident in the first 6 months of life. HVM Bioflux 2015;7(4):346-349.

Tristiu R, Szolga B, Sculean A, Rednic S, Grigore L, Cosgarea R, Cosgarea R. Periodontitis and Rheumatoid Arthritis- Is there a link? - current status of the controlled clinical trials. HVM Bioflux 2015;7(4):350-362.

Paunica-Panea G, Constantin C, Gabreanu G, Constantin VD, Geicu OI, Popa F, Neagu M. Circulatory matrix metalloproteinases as tissue destruction indicators for improving clinical management of pressure ulcers patients. HVM Bioflux 2015;7(4):363-369.

Ene CD, Anghel AE, Neagu M, Nicolae I. Interleukin 8 and diabetic nephropathy. HVM Bioflux 2015;7(4):370-374.

Enache V, Nechita AC, Armean SM, Iordache I, Andronescu AM, Stamate SC, Schiopu O, Andrucovici S, Vintila MM, Cinteza M. The impact of echocardiographic substrate on short and medium term prognosis in non-acute coronary syndrome pulmonary edema. HVM Bioflux 2015;7(4):375-380.

Roman RC, Lazar M, Ghergie M, Angelescu T, Samachisa B. Descending necrotizing mediastinitis of oropharyngeal  origin – a retrospective 15 years study. HVM Bioflux 2015;7(4):381-386.

Schiopu O, Armean SM, Georgescu V. Unsuccessful resuscitation after cardiac arrest in the intensive care unit: single center analysis. HVM Bioflux 2015;7(4):387-391.

Yadegari M, Karimi M, Sheishi PG, Derakhshan S. A radiographic survey of eggshell powder effect on tibial bone defect repair tested in dog. HVM Bioflux 2015;7(4):392-396.

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